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Let us help you develop the CMS solution that best fits your individual needs… and more importantly your budget.

Ask us why a Content Management System (CMS) should be the backbone of your organization’s website. Allow users to design, publish & edit web pages, images, content and links without always having to rely on programmers. We are your CMS specialists and can do the most with limited budgets. We assist you in identifying and implementing the most effective CMS solution for your organization giving you complete, ongoing control over your website. No more recurring fees for routine website updates.

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WordPress is our open source CMS website creation tool of choice. And while it is not our only tool… it is one of our favorite web tools.

What We Offer.

So you’ve finally made the decision – you need a website. Or maybe you have outgrown what you have now. Now you are probably trying to figure out if you should hire a professional or just go it alone.

We are not here to convert those who want to tackle their own website project. We can, however, provide training, tips, and resources to make the website building process easier. But for those who have either tried unsuccessfully to go it alone or who just don’t have the time to invest we can provide as much help as you need. We are here for the organization that wants a professional looking site but has limited dollars available. We are here to be your DIY partner.

Custom Solutions. We help your organization with a CMS solution that will communicate your unique story. We understand the importance of customizing an online presence that meets your individual goals and talks directly to your customers.

Design before Development. Your website is one of your most important marketing tools and is often the first impression many will have of your organization. So before even one keystroke is entered, we work with you to map out a design and functionality for your individualized site that will integrate with your marketing strategy, support your brand and (most importantly) provide a comprehensive user experience.

Simplicity. Our goal is not to impress or confuse you with excessive information or programming speak but rather work with you to develop the most effective website in the most efficient manner so that you are secure in your ability to manage your website going forward.

Affordability. To avoid the prohibitive cost of custom coding fees, we utilize CMS (Content Management System) website platforms. Much more affordable in the development stage, CMS platforms also allow your organization to have complete control over your website without the need to pay recurring development fees for routine website updates. We can work within almost any budget. Talk to us about your needs and we can show you how we can work together.

Responsiveness (of both us and our sites). All websites are developed with the latest responsive design techniques to ensure that your site looks great on all devices and web browsers. We work with you until you are happy with the complete design and functionality of your website.

Content. The true measure of an effective Content Management website is the ease in which you can access and update your own content. We ensure that you can easily update your website from anywhere. We offer full content management training and can help with content where required. You decide on the level of DIY you are comfortable with.

Training & Support. Our goal is to deliver a finished site that is easy to use and edit. However since in our experience websites are ‘never really done’ we focus on training, support and an easy to use content management system so clients can easily publish content and maintain their site. We are always here but you only pay for the support you need. When you need it.

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